NHL 17 DEV said they can tune TPS

We need less pivots on topic, please focus on the terrible “feel” of TPS and how to fix this for EASHL online modes. We are all in agree TPS is more “real”, however there is also a large agreement that TPS/skating in general since TPS was introduced has zapped all the fun out of game, NHL DEV, please stay on topic on this very discussion.

What internal discussions are the developers having about fixing the skating engine so it’s more responsive? Please talk about that specific issue, you’ve read 1,000’s of TPS is terrible, game is clunky, a chore posts since NHL 13, you gave it a good run, TPS is advanced cool stuff in theory, but it doesn’t and hasn’t played well in reality, please address this issue by explaining to the community future direction on control/responsiveness/skating = bring back the fun in this game.

I don’t think you’re going to get the answer you want on this. Anytime it is discussed we get a drawn out answer that basically comes down to ‘we have a specific vision for the game, and it isn’t what you want’. We have had countless threads discussing the issues with the skating and it hasn’t been addressed in how many years now

“We have had countless threads discussing the issues with the skating and it hasn’t been addressed in how many years now?”

I don’t disagree with that, however the voices have never been as loud or as many as now about this topic of “anti TPS”, that is progress, that is a movement, that is what we need to inspire EA to finally listen and do something about it.

NHL DEV said they can tune TPS, why not tune it all the way down to remove as much weight/momentum as possible and let us play like that for one month and get feedback how everyone either enjoyed it or didn’t, then go from there.


Hey guys there are obviously some issues in NHL 17

Hey guys there are obviously some issues with goalies, so please post all of the feedback you have in this thread.

If you have video of the issue you are experiencing that is the absolute easiest way to communicate the issue as often times anecdotal evidence is difficult to interpret.

A couple of things I have already come across:

Precision movement needs to be slightly faster. This is because most of us use it as our main form of movement.

Hey guys there are obviously some issues in NHL 17

Hugging the post in the post lean is not functioning correctly. You will be sniped short side regularly due to an animation that pulls your goalie off the post an inch slightly.
Hugging the post animation still happens in the middle of net, leaving you stuck there.
You can be hit by your teammate or an opponent and your goalie will be frozen in butterfly. The only way to get out of this is to push up on the RS (manual poke check) or to hit triangle/Y to cover the puck.

Post-to-post movement, while improved, still takes too long. Our goalie does a huge push off in order to switch sides which is unnecessary (IMO). Combine this with super-speed back hand wraps and we are out to lunch.

Pucks are going through the goalie’s pads, goalie’s pads are coming off ice an inch – puck finds its way under, goalie is doing some save animations that knock the puck into the net.

Paddle down and post hugging is buggy.

This is what I have so far. I will continue to update it and include a video of all of these issues shortly. Please post your feedback here so not only everyone can see it, but the developers as well.

It is pretty embarrassing in NHL 17

It is pretty embarrassing that this game could be released with all of the visual glitches, with flags/banners/props all blocking the view of the ice when you are playing. Like how does this even get past the testing stage, either they didn’t even test the camera angles properly, or they knew about it and just didn’t care. Have they mentioned anything about fixing this, because it is a joke. I know you can change your arena size to help with it, but half the time you are the away team and have no control over that. How can this still not be fixed after two months? My team is being punished for winning a cup in the playoffs.

I don’t have an issue with the price, as I have always got my moneys worth in relation to games played. But this kind of continued lack of attention to detail, plus the amount of time it takes to be fixed is one of the big issues that have made long time players finally jump ship

Do you know if the new patch will address/fix the Franchise Mode issues, particularly the Captains being reassigned to all Alternate Captains, and if it is fixed will you have to start a new Franchise mode to apply the fix? The reason I ask is I am about to start a Franchise mode and I’d rather not start it tomorrow if I have to restart one in order to apply the fixes.

Can we get an answer? I would LOVE to finally start a serious franchise but this issue keeps me from doing so. Will the next patch fix this issue? .. and if so, will it patch a current franchise or will we need to start over?

I really find it annoying that it’s such a hush-hush on any freaking patches… like it’s top secret or something!

I have been playing NHL video games since the earliest gaming systems. I have always praised EA for making progressive changes to their NHL series every year. I preorder the games every year. Up through NHL14, the difficulty modes made sense for veteran players. Rookie was too easy. Pro was easy. Allstar was fun. Superstar was challenging. From 15 through current, there is no happy medium. Rookie is too easy and I have noticed no difference in every other difficulty mode. Everything after rookie is impossible. Your goalie is horrible.

The opponents skaters are always faster, intercept 97% of offensive zone passes, and are 100% flawless on their passes. I have also noticed that, in the defensive zone when I go to change player, it seems to cycle through all the skaters furthest from the puck first. Now granted, I am not the guy that spin around and instantly headshot 10 people in a row in Call of Duty. I am not that kind of gamer but I know hockey and have played it on and off game systems as well as watched it since I was a kid.

I feel like the NHL series is now being built for these “Call of Duty” type gamers and not for hockey fans. I used to be phenominal at NHL games and now I am forced to play on rookie, get bored of how easy it is and then let the game collect dust for a while. And don’t get me started on faceoffs lol. As much as I have always praised EA for their hockey games, now I am praying another developer starts making sports games.

Runescape Powerleveling Guide

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The better goalies, defensive tools in NHL 17

NHL 17’s latest trailer, released today by publisher Electronic Arts, offers a look at a variety of gameplay improvements that developer EA Vancouver is promising this year.

One of NHL 17’s biggest features is the debut of net battles, a vital facet of real-life hockey in which forwards and defenders jockey for position in front of the net. Defensemen will have the ability to lift the sticks of attackers, preventing them from deflecting an outside shot, and shove forward out of the way. Meanwhile, forwards will be able to spin out of defenders’ tie-ups, like the New York Rangers’ Rick Nash does in the trailer.

EA Vancouver has also done a lot of work with goalies this year, introducing a new type of save in which netminders can “use their bodies to stay big and block” instead of resorting to reactionary saves, says senior producer Sean Ramjagsingh in the trailer. Plus, the NHL’s best goalies will look like themselves in NHL 17 with authentic stances.

The dump-and-chase attack has rarely worked well in EA’s NHL games — when you dump the puck in, your CPU teammates often do a poor job of, well, chasing it. That’s changing this year, according to the developers of NHL 17. EA Vancouver also says that once you’ve got the puck in the offensive zone, you’ll have more tools to get your team set up and keep the puck moving.

For more details on NHL 17’s gameplay, watch the trailer above. NHL 17 is set for release Sept. 13 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A public beta will be available from July 28 through Aug. 4.