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I understand all of the angles in NHL 17

There are quite a wide range of suggestions and ideas within the thread and other threads that branch into this topic. Some just want the control back they had in past games by switching systems, others want more control within TPS, and there are a lot of ideas on how that can be achieved.

I understand all of the angles. I understand there are multiple factors that lead to different individuals fun factor within a game but the extreme comments don’t necessarily make a better point.

When we put out the Beta this year, it was an opportunity for everyone to play the game. Nowhere in the Beta did it show signs that we were changing our core skating engine, so we haven’t been trying to pull the wool over anyones eyes in this process.
In the old engine, there was never a sense of committing. That is a huge factor in hockey. Once you commit to a direction, you can’t just turn back the other way without some form of recovery, pivot and transition. I played those games a ton too, in highly competitive EASHL games and gave up 0 shots on plenty of occasions because of the accountability being so low.

It became an arms race between offense and defense of who could be more powerful with all players able to do all the dekes, pass just as well, shoot just as well, etc..
The accountability is now higher. Within that accountability, we can certainly give more control though and that was what some of the changes this year were all about. We could certainly have a better transition into precision skating (but that doesn’t mean that you would all of a sudden be able to go into a strafe or t-push from full speed either).

Those that find the new game fun to play on defense have learned the mechanics within the skating engine, look at their player from a physical perspective more than just a dot they are moving around on the screen and understand where they are committing to a pivot, etc.. They understand that they angle they are trying to take sideways, above or below that lateral line with vision control on is going to impact how their player needs to pivot and that it won’t be possible at speed to keep your shoulders square to the puck at all times but that you can keep the puck in the front 180 degrees by skating either backwards or forwards as needed.

NHL 17 DEV said they can tune TPS

We need less pivots on topic, please focus on the terrible “feel” of TPS and how to fix this for EASHL online modes. We are all in agree TPS is more “real”, however there is also a large agreement that TPS/skating in general since TPS was introduced has zapped all the fun out of game, NHL DEV, please stay on topic on this very discussion.

What internal discussions are the developers having about fixing the skating engine so it’s more responsive? Please talk about that specific issue, you’ve read 1,000’s of TPS is terrible, game is clunky, a chore posts since NHL 13, you gave it a good run, TPS is advanced cool stuff in theory, but it doesn’t and hasn’t played well in reality, please address this issue by explaining to the community future direction on control/responsiveness/skating = bring back the fun in this game.

I don’t think you’re going to get the answer you want on this. Anytime it is discussed we get a drawn out answer that basically comes down to ‘we have a specific vision for the game, and it isn’t what you want’. We have had countless threads discussing the issues with the skating and it hasn’t been addressed in how many years now

“We have had countless threads discussing the issues with the skating and it hasn’t been addressed in how many years now?”

I don’t disagree with that, however the voices have never been as loud or as many as now about this topic of “anti TPS”, that is progress, that is a movement, that is what we need to inspire EA to finally listen and do something about it.

NHL DEV said they can tune TPS, why not tune it all the way down to remove as much weight/momentum as possible and let us play like that for one month and get feedback how everyone either enjoyed it or didn’t, then go from there.