Hey guys there are obviously some issues in NHL 17

Hey guys there are obviously some issues with goalies, so please post all of the feedback you have in this thread.

If you have video of the issue you are experiencing that is the absolute easiest way to communicate the issue as often times anecdotal evidence is difficult to interpret.

A couple of things I have already come across:

Precision movement needs to be slightly faster. This is because most of us use it as our main form of movement.

Hey guys there are obviously some issues in NHL 17

Hugging the post in the post lean is not functioning correctly. You will be sniped short side regularly due to an animation that pulls your goalie off the post an inch slightly.
Hugging the post animation still happens in the middle of net, leaving you stuck there.
You can be hit by your teammate or an opponent and your goalie will be frozen in butterfly. The only way to get out of this is to push up on the RS (manual poke check) or to hit triangle/Y to cover the puck.

Post-to-post movement, while improved, still takes too long. Our goalie does a huge push off in order to switch sides which is unnecessary (IMO). Combine this with super-speed back hand wraps and we are out to lunch.

Pucks are going through the goalie’s pads, goalie’s pads are coming off ice an inch – puck finds its way under, goalie is doing some save animations that knock the puck into the net.

Paddle down and post hugging is buggy.

This is what I have so far. I will continue to update it and include a video of all of these issues shortly. Please post your feedback here so not only everyone can see it, but the developers as well.


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