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I believe the push off from the VH position of NHL 17

I believe the push off from the VH position is the standard they should use, even when the puck is below the goal line. I know the RS is mapped to the RVH normally, but when you are in the VH you should have the same push off the post regardless. If they would normalize the push off the post for all the positions, this wouldn’t be an issue.
I would also recommend a reduction in shooting accuracy and the amount of shots that seem to trickle I’m even when you are in good position.

My initial impressions after first few games (3-4 games) I thought it felt better than beta, I played a bunch since then to give a full impression. Really think most of the tools are there but human goalie has LONG ways to go till it makes it rewarding and fun to play. Overall I think goalie mode was better in beta, idk what they did but its like they made offense even more OP that it already was. Lets not kid ourselves, offense in this game has an advantage by a LARGE margin.

To make human goalie mode enjoyable and rewarding to play I think they not only need to tweek/tune goalies but how offence/skaters work in this game as well.

Some of the things off the top of my head that needs tuning/patching:

-Tip ins/deflections are OP af! So many times I seen howitzer slap shots from the point going 3 feet wide of the net but only for a forward to place his stick perfectly and deflect in the tiny open area of the net. Deflections and tip ins happen WAY too often…even if you are out challenging the shot. Tune that **** down…I knew it was gonna be something like this when I first saw their first ever trailer for 17.

-RS slides need to be faster and INSTANT. Goalies literally have to make a split second decision so every mili second counts, but the goalie does this leg kick, long **** animation before doing the RS slide, which makes this as a desperation slide pretty much useless bc you will never get there in time on cross crease passes unless you cheat and leave short side exposed. Take off some of the frames from the leg kick animation of completely get rid of that starting animation and make it instant…idc if its not realistic…just look at all the unrealistic stuff the skaters are allowed to do, so who gives a F if instant RS slide is not realistic. It’s like realism goes out the window when its making skaters OP but EA wants realism only when its for goalies or defence.

-In EASHL when facing against human goalies, turn down the max speed for those charged up passes. Or least make it extremely hard to pull off those blink of an eye one timers while receiving those charged up passes….make the receiver go into a set waiting for one timer animation or something if they want to pull it off successfully at the rate they do now. EASHL skaters are suppose to be ~75 overall? Yet they can pull of perfect one timers off those full charged up max speed passes like its nothing while in motion. Turn down the max speed of these charged up passes or change how those blink of an eye one timers off these passes are pulled off. Its a joke how unrealistic some of the **** the skaters are allowed to pull off, but nah cant give goalies more tools to stop these bc be unrealistic. Its a f video game, at least make it balanced.

-While in RVH post hug when the puck is behind the goal line, it feels weird coming off the post or RS sliding out when they pass the puck across or front. It feels like there is even a larger delay when coming off the post while in RVH post hug.

-Like OP said precision needs to be faster, especially for the fact that skaters have UNREALISTIC and ridiculous lateral acceleration in this game. Cut across and snipe all day and goalies cant do **** bc they don’t have the speed to keep up with skaters lateral acceleration. This is more evident in breakaway situations, it feels worse than in did in beta bc now even if you come out to challenge and shadow the skater while skating back in the net it now feels like skater is 100x more faster in every way than you. Its impossible to play breakaways how you would in real life…come out and shadow the shooter while skating back. You better off just f sitting goal line goalieing and just guess a side.

Hey guys there are obviously some issues in NHL 17

Hey guys there are obviously some issues with goalies, so please post all of the feedback you have in this thread.

If you have video of the issue you are experiencing that is the absolute easiest way to communicate the issue as often times anecdotal evidence is difficult to interpret.

A couple of things I have already come across:

Precision movement needs to be slightly faster. This is because most of us use it as our main form of movement.

Hey guys there are obviously some issues in NHL 17

Hugging the post in the post lean is not functioning correctly. You will be sniped short side regularly due to an animation that pulls your goalie off the post an inch slightly.
Hugging the post animation still happens in the middle of net, leaving you stuck there.
You can be hit by your teammate or an opponent and your goalie will be frozen in butterfly. The only way to get out of this is to push up on the RS (manual poke check) or to hit triangle/Y to cover the puck.

Post-to-post movement, while improved, still takes too long. Our goalie does a huge push off in order to switch sides which is unnecessary (IMO). Combine this with super-speed back hand wraps and we are out to lunch.

Pucks are going through the goalie’s pads, goalie’s pads are coming off ice an inch – puck finds its way under, goalie is doing some save animations that knock the puck into the net.

Paddle down and post hugging is buggy.

This is what I have so far. I will continue to update it and include a video of all of these issues shortly. Please post your feedback here so not only everyone can see it, but the developers as well.

It is pretty embarrassing in NHL 17

It is pretty embarrassing that this game could be released with all of the visual glitches, with flags/banners/props all blocking the view of the ice when you are playing. Like how does this even get past the testing stage, either they didn’t even test the camera angles properly, or they knew about it and just didn’t care. Have they mentioned anything about fixing this, because it is a joke. I know you can change your arena size to help with it, but half the time you are the away team and have no control over that. How can this still not be fixed after two months? My team is being punished for winning a cup in the playoffs.

I don’t have an issue with the price, as I have always got my moneys worth in relation to games played. But this kind of continued lack of attention to detail, plus the amount of time it takes to be fixed is one of the big issues that have made long time players finally jump ship

Do you know if the new patch will address/fix the Franchise Mode issues, particularly the Captains being reassigned to all Alternate Captains, and if it is fixed will you have to start a new Franchise mode to apply the fix? The reason I ask is I am about to start a Franchise mode and I’d rather not start it tomorrow if I have to restart one in order to apply the fixes.

Can we get an answer? I would LOVE to finally start a serious franchise but this issue keeps me from doing so. Will the next patch fix this issue? .. and if so, will it patch a current franchise or will we need to start over?

I really find it annoying that it’s such a hush-hush on any freaking patches… like it’s top secret or something!

I have been playing NHL video games since the earliest gaming systems. I have always praised EA for making progressive changes to their NHL series every year. I preorder the games every year. Up through NHL14, the difficulty modes made sense for veteran players. Rookie was too easy. Pro was easy. Allstar was fun. Superstar was challenging. From 15 through current, there is no happy medium. Rookie is too easy and I have noticed no difference in every other difficulty mode. Everything after rookie is impossible. Your goalie is horrible.

The opponents skaters are always faster, intercept 97% of offensive zone passes, and are 100% flawless on their passes. I have also noticed that, in the defensive zone when I go to change player, it seems to cycle through all the skaters furthest from the puck first. Now granted, I am not the guy that spin around and instantly headshot 10 people in a row in Call of Duty. I am not that kind of gamer but I know hockey and have played it on and off game systems as well as watched it since I was a kid.

I feel like the NHL series is now being built for these “Call of Duty” type gamers and not for hockey fans. I used to be phenominal at NHL games and now I am forced to play on rookie, get bored of how easy it is and then let the game collect dust for a while. And don’t get me started on faceoffs lol. As much as I have always praised EA for their hockey games, now I am praying another developer starts making sports games.